NTT DATA Global Solutions Corporation

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Message from CEO

President and CEO  Shunsuke Onishi

Management Platform Servicer
“to accelerate for Japanese companies to globalize their business”

Why Japanese companies struggle to break into the ‘global’?
Lack of Diversity management, lack of agility management
Not only a simple language issue

Approaching to Emerging Market, further more things to be considered?
Entire brand new approach, which is different from traditional ones, is requested, such as “Reverse Innovation”

What is the Ultimate countermeasure?
Select and Concentrate, That is, to transform management platform to focus “prioritized strategic contents”

We support Japanese companies to transform their management platform globally with end to end SAP solution.
Its transformation enables our customers to focus higher prioritized strategic initiatives.

NTT Data Global Solutions has been established as the core SAP solution company for Japanese customers among NTT Data Group.
Our deeply experienced professionals can effectively realize our client’s transformation with global broad network among NTT Data
We believe we can be the trusted partner and can keep long-term relationship with our customers.

President and CEO Shunsuke Onishi

Message from EVP

President and CEO  Shunsuke Onishi

Global IT Innovators with “Client First”, “Foresight” and “Teamwork”

NTT DATA Global Solutions Corporation (NTT DATA GSL) supports Japanese companies’ globalization totally. Based on SAP solutions which are global de-fact standard, NTT DATA GSL assists our customers challenging on the globe.

NTT DATA GSL, a global frontrunner, follows and leads information technology progress with foresight and will be not the last to offer SAP leading-edge solutions with continuing high quality. We want to be a challenging body in order to support Japanese Enterprises who continue to challenge.

NTT DATA GSL, a Japanese company, provides global services for Japanese Enterprises in alignment with NTT DATA group companies all over the world where there are more than 6,000 SAP consultants and engineers. We are sure to provide the universal services with our peers anywhere in the world.

Executive Vice President Kenichiro (Ken) Ogawa

Company profile

Company Name NTT DATA Global Solutions Corporation
Office Locations

Head Office
Toyosu Center Building, 3-3, Toyosu 3-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-6033, Japan
Phone : +81 3 5669-2020

Tokyo Head Office
Tokyo Traffic Kinshi-cho Building, 4-26-5 Koto-bashi, Sumida-Ku, Tokyo 130-0022, Japan

Kansai Office
Midosuji Dai Building, 4-1-2 Minami-kyuhoji-machi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka City, Osaka 541-0058, Japan

Established July 2, 2012
Capital 200,000,000 JPY
President and CEO Shunsuke Onishi
Description of business Consulting, Implementation, Application Management Outsourcing and Hosting service for all SAP products and services